Sharing Homebrew Wine and Beer

Did you know Iowa initiated statewide prohibition in 1916, four years before the national policy of 1920? Of course, that didn’t stop our ancestors from brewing–or buying and selling homemade brews down by the river behind The Inwood Ballroom.

As homage to our bootlegging history, the Centennial Celebration is including a tasting of today’s homebrews. We are sharing our Dandelion Wine, which my daughter and I make on Mother’s Day–a tradition we started a few years ago. Do you have a “brew” you would like to share?

If you have a brew (beer or wine—nothing distilled) to share, please contact us at for details.

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This tasting event is in accordance with Iowa Code 123: Alcoholic Beverage Control, Beer, and Wine Provisions (December 5, 2019).