Music Chronology

The Inwood attracted musical giants like Glenn Miller, Lawrence Welk, Guy Lombardo, Louis Armstrong, Tommy Dorsey, Bobby Goldsboro, Harry James, The Byrds, Canned Heat, and Commander Cody. Somewhere in the 1960s, big bands began to fade, paving the way for bands like Sammy Jensen, Don Hoy, Orvill Von Seggern, Al Pierson, Everett Boyer, and Don Glasser.


1934 Al Menke (Jul 19)
1935 Al Menke (Sep); The Smetana Orchestra of Omaha (Sep); Harvey King, Bennett-Geten (Oct)
1937 Al Menke (Jul); Jackie Coogan (Jul)
1938 Ina Ray Hutton & Siamese Twins (Jun); Shep Fields (Jul)
1939 Louis Armstrong (Jul); Wayne King (Sep 14)
1930s George Krumm


Featured wedding dances on Monday nights, “Old Time” bands on Tuesday nights, and polka, waltz, and “modern” dancing on Thursday nights (1940s)

1940 Tiny Little (Jun)
1941 Skip Anderson (Jul); Blue Barron (Aug)
1942 Lawrence Welk (May); Shep Fields (Aug)
1943 Lynn Kerns and the Rhythm Club Orchestra (Apr 29); Tom Owens Cowboys; Jack Cole (Aug); Lynn Kerns and the Rhythm Club Orchestra (Aug 26)
1944 Lynn Kerns and the Rhythm Club Orchestra (June 8; Aug 24; Sep 14)
1945 Lynn Kerns and the Rhythm Club Orchestra (May 31; Jun 21); Don Stickland and his Orchestra (July 12); Tom Owens Cowboys (Aug)
1946 Ray Pearl (Jul); Clyde Grant
1940s Dick Jurgens
1940s–50s Glenn Miller; Little John Beecher


1950 Hank Winder; Ray Pearl (Aug); Lawrence Welk (Sep); Orin Tucker (Sep)
1951 Eddy Howard; Cliff Keyes (Jun); Blue Barron (Jul); Chuck Foster and Delores Marshal (Sep); Bobby Beers (Oct)
1952 Blue Barron (May); Billy Bishop (Jun); The John Novak Band (Jun); Skip Anderson (Jul 3-4); Chuck Foster and Delores Marshal (Oct)
1953 The Six Fat Dutchmen; Ray Palmer (Apr); Ruth Colman &Her All Girl Orchestra (May); Don Hoy (Jul); Jimmy Palmer (Aug); Art Kassel (Sep); The Vikings (Sep 29; Oct 13); Bobby Griggs (Oct 1; Oct 29); Al Menke (Oct 8); “Doc” Lawson (Oct 15); Bennett-Greten (Oct 22); The “Vikings” Carnival Dance (Oct 27)
1954 Tiny Hill (Jul); Frankie Yankovic (Sep); Tiny Hill (Oct)
1955 Jan Garber (Apr); Frankie Yankovic (Apr); Blue Barron (May); Tiny Hill (Jun)
1956 Eddy Howard (May); Jan Garber (May); Blue Barron (May); Jules Herman (Jun); Henry Charles Orchestra (Aug); Jules Herman (Aug); Jack Coles (Aug); Jules Herman (Oct)
1957 Sammy Kaye; Bob Calame (Jun); Preston Love (Jun); Bob Calame (Jul); Bob Calame (Sep); Jimmy Dorsey (Oct)
1958 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians, Carmen Lombardo, The Lombardo Trio, The Lombardo Twin Pianos (Jun 5)
1959 Jim Garber; Jack Cole (Aug)


1960 Harry James (Jun)
1961 Don Strickland and His Orchestra (Aug 3); Chuck Hall and His Orchestra (Aug 17; Sep 21; Oct 19)
1962 Wayne King (May); Don Strickland and His Orchestra (Jun 28; Jul 12; Aug 30)
1963 Don Strickland and His Orchestra (Jul 25)
1965 Don Strickland and His Orchestra (May 6); The Byrds (Jul 8)–first live band at a Teen Hop
1964-1965 Darrel Winkie and his famous Wink-I Pepsi Parties (Teen Hop DJ)
1967 Pete Klint Quintet (1400 tickets sold)
1969 Don Strickland and His Orchestra (Jul 10)
1960s Sammy Jensen Band; Henry Charles Orchestra
1965-1974 (Teen Hop Bands booked by Darrel Winkie) The Mustangs; Michael and the Mystics; High Spirits; Bobby Goldsboro; Carvetts; Showmen; Stingrays; The Byrds (1010 tickets sold); The Stillroven; The Coachman Mr. Moon; The Underbeats; Dee Jay & Runways (Peter Rabbit Record); The Boys Next Door; The Tradewinds Five; The Buckinghams; Idle Fern; Sounds Unlimited; The New Jesters; The Moods Rock ‘n Roll; The Do’s and Don’ts; The Del Counts; U.S. Dance Group; The Apostles; The He Toos; The Roguesteen Hop; The Marbles; The Society; Dave Brady All Stars; The New Generation; Hot Half Dozen; The Grasshoppers; The Litter; King James & His Disciples; The Skeeters; Michael's Mystics; Showtime Parts I & II; Lee Rainey & The I.B.T.C. (i.e., They Itty Bitty Titty Committee); Sunshine World; Story Monday; Happy Daze; Soul Sensations; The Younger Brothers; Straight Records (967 tickets sold); The Establishment; The Prophets; Tony’s Tygers; New World Congregation; The Mystic Evolution; Sir Raleighs; The Fabulous Flippers; Cross Well Black; The Library; Salt; Pepper and Spice; Echoes Five; The Pages; West Minist’r; The Young Raiders; The Rising Suns; The System; Karisma; Mills Novelty; Red Dogs; Brave New World; The Ride; Head Stone; Octopus; Rural; Morning Glory; Badge; Nation Rocking Blue Things; Teen King and the Princess; Dohcotah Tic; Ben Jamin; Wildwood; Kiss; Enoch Smokey
1950s, 60s, & 70s Jules Herman
1970s Ray’s Old Timers
1993 Larry Novotney, Marc Frana, The Morava Hammer Dulcimer Band (Aug 6-8)
1994 Sammy Jensen Band (Jul 15); Tami Novak and The Black Diamond Band (Jul 16)
1995 Everett Boyer Orchestra (Apr 21; Jun 9); Cheyenne (Apr 22); Sammy Jensen (May 5); T.N.T. DJ Joe Taylor (May 6; May 20); Power Jam DJ (May 13); Strike Force DJ Tom Hauber (May 27); Music Mix Inc. & Karoke (Jun 10); Rio Grande (Jun 23); Everett Boyer Orchestra (Jul 14); Buck Hollow Band, Sir Brothers (Jul 15); Czech Plus Band, Jim Busta Band, Good Time Dutchmen, Marc Frana Band (Jul 16)


2006 Canned Heat (May 5)
2013 Gotcha Covered (Nov 1)
2014 Toe Tappers, Miles Adams Band (May 2)
2014 Lew Klimesh, Doghouse Jon, The Misbehavers (May 3)
2018 Turkey River Music Festival Fusion, The Busted Flat Band, The Miles Adams Band, Lew Klimesh, Wonder Creek, Yukon, Sink Hole (Sep 22)