Your Verdict

Without a doubt, the Inwood Ballroom remains the most potent memory of my girlhood. It was a fantasy place of music, lights, dreams and romance.

Loved dancing at The Inwood–50’s to 80’s

Had a great time at The Inwood, brought back memories of the days I played there with The Mississippi Band

Megan and I had an absolutely fantastic time getting married at The Inwood Ballroom. Everyone was fantastic to work with and the day of will certainly go down in history.

Great atmosphere and family fun

I met my future husband at a dance at the Inwood Ballroom in Spillville, Iowa. It was a great meeting place during those days!

Be sure to visit “the lovely ballroom along the Turkey River.” Star Tribune

Several years ago we saw Canned Heat there, loved the place. Stayed at a B&B close by

We enjoyed using The Inwood for a wedding this summer. Great space for a big group.

I’ve been here for more weddings and local events then any other location.

Lots of childhood memories there. Hope it can be restored.